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CBD Dosing Guidelines

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Determining the correct amount of CBD dose to consume is not as simple as looking on the back of a pill bottle and seeing “take two every 4 hours.” There can be a large variation in what CBD companies recommend you take and what may actually be suitable for you as an individual. This post will discuss some basic CBD dosing guidelines and how to safely, and cost effectively get the most out of CBD oils and tinctures.

The truth is that CBD is an emerging industry. As such, CBD dosing is based on very little actual research, and a whole lot of anecdotal stories from people who’ve had success with CBD, but aren’t scientists. Companies putting labels on their CBD products are often doing so to satisfy the requirements that may come with purchasing CBD based insurance, or information the owners discovered personally from CBD dosing.

Most often you will see “take 1 to 2 filled droppers daily, or as required” on the side of a CBD oil tincture. Well 1 to 2 droppers can contain anywhere from 3mg of CBD to 150mg of CBD depending on what product you purchased! The good news is that CBD is unlikely to harm you in any meaningful way if you take too much, but it is still wise to know how much you are taking.

Working your way up from a small amount will be the best method to discovering the optimal use of CBD for you as an individual. This is especially important given the current market pricing of CBD. You don’t want to be wasting CBD taking 150mg a day when maybe 60mg would have had the exact same effect! That’s exactly a 60% reduction to how much you would spend each month!

Specific studies have shown that the optimal level of CBD to treat social anxiety disorders, various nervous system disorders, and insomnia is between 30mg and 90mg per day, varying by the person’s weight. This would likely be the best place to start if you are looking to take CBD on a consistent basis. Otherwise, you may need to consider taking more if you are planning on using it infrequently to treat acute issues.

cbd dosing guides, cbd see a doctor
When in doubt, consult your doctor!

If you are concerned about CBD affecting you negatively, or if it is worth consideration at all, you can always speak to your doctor. An article by the Harvard Health Blog suggests that it is always best to consult an expert before taking any new medication or supplement at all, but that the side-effects of CBD are not serious. The most unknown factor about CBD is what unregulated companies may be putting in their products and selling to you. For this reason, Living Lotus CBD has published lab results of all our products that guarantee purity, consistency, and potency of CBD.

Living Lotus CBD sells between 500mg and 2500mg of 30ml tinctures. This means each 1ml dropper will contain between 16mg and 83mg of CBD. Depending on your needs, you may need to get a lighter or stronger concentration. You may even wish to supplement your CBD intake with a CBD vaping solution in the form of a regular eliquid or ejuice. We have another write-up on the differences between CBD oil and CBD vape here, if you’re interested. In general, vaping CBD will be faster acting, but wear off quicker. It is also more bio-available, meaning more CBD enters the bloodstream compared to the same amount of CBD from an oil you consume via mouth.

In conclusion, there are no one-trick solutions when it comes to consuming CBD. However, with a little planning, you can expect to be both safe and financially responsible.

Thank you for reading! If you have further questions or concerns, you can always contact us via our contact form, or email us directly at support@livinglotuscbd.com.

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