30ml - Full Spectrum Tincture - Spearmint


This tincture is flavored with a hint of spearmint. Natural, full spectrum tinctures can have a strong flavoring, so don’t expect it to be only orange flavored! Just a hint to help with the natural aftertaste, which some may find unsavory.

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Living Lotus CBD Tinctures are made exclusively from the hemp plant. Being full spectrum, it contains ALL of the cannabinoids, minerals, terpenes, and other planty goodness that hemp is known for. The combination of these components create what many refer to as the “entourage” effect, increasing the overall potency and efficiency of the CBD and its desired effects.

Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp distillate, premium MCT oil, artificial and/or natural flavorings (no flavorings in the naturally flavored tincture).

Bottle size: 30ml (1oz)

Approximate weight for filled bottle: 3.2 oz (90 grams)

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