Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order Value

The minimum order value is 15 products or $300. Which ever comes first.

How to place order

Once approved, you will be able to log into the wholesale order form of Living Lotus CBD. Items available to wholesale customers will be viewable here (www.livinglotuscbd.com/wholesale-ordering). You may also choose to browse the store catalog as normal. The catalog will display wholesale rates so long as you are logged in using an approved wholesale account. Taxes are automatically added to your cart total if you have not provided Sales Tax ID documentation. You may forward Living Lotus Tax ID documents to avoid paying taxes on your wholesale customer should you wish to pass the payment along to your customer instead.


Products or goods purchased from Living Lotus CBD Co are recommended to be sold at the listed MSRP you received in your approval email. Living Lotus CBD understands that locations and competition play a huge role in retail prices, and encourages our clients to price accordingly. Living Lotus CBD Co will always attempt to sell to its retail customer prices over the MSRP in order to encourage our wholesale clients to meet their customer’s needs more efficiently. You may choose to offer Living Lotus CBD’s products at a temporary discounted price to facilitate the speedy introduction to your store.

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing is determined on a monthly basis. We reserve the right to change, modify, decrease pricing, increase pricing, add or eliminate products, at will. You will receive an introductory email that lists our wholesale pricing and quantity discounts. The store catalog will always reflect the most recent revisions to pricing. Wholesale pricing is calculated to give our wholesale clients the greatest possible margins to facilitate growth and sales.


Returns must first have written approval from a Living Lotus CBD Co support member. You have only 7 days to initiate a return request from the time of your delivery. Returns will only be accepted on items that are fulfilled incorrectly, defective, damaged on arrival, or with broken security seals. You will be charged the return shipping rates for the items. Items that are returned to Living Lotus CBD Co that are not packaged properly and as a result receive damage or are made unusable may be charged to the customer at a 25% restocking fee.


Living Lotus accepts Mastercard, Visa, and check payments. Check payments must first clear funds in order for your purchase to begin fulfillment. Checks that bounce, have insufficient funds, or otherwise are unable to deposit funds will have the customer charged all the relevant bank fees and merchant fees associated with resolving the request.


Shipping is not included in the cost of goods. Shipping starts at $25 per order, and increases by $0.33 per bottle over 60.

Damages and Defects

Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please contact Living Lotus CBD within 5 days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments. Returned merchandise will be replaced with new merchandise. Returned merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 15 days after receipt.

Delivery Window

Please allow at least 10-14 days from the time of your order for completion of items. Larger orders may require more time; please contact us for information about availability.


Out of stock goods will be back-ordered and shown on your invoice. If back-ordered goods are in stock at the time of your next order they will be added to your order without duplication. Outstanding back-orders will be shown on each invoice. If you wish to cancel any back-order or not have back-orders listed at all, please inform us. Back orders over $300 have no shipping charges if sent after the original shipment.

Shipping International Orders

We do not ship international orders at this time. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of updates on international shipping.

Authorizations and Laws

By registering and making purchases from Living Lotus CBD, you have ALREADY been approved and confirmed with your bank, payment gateway, county, or any other merchant services for the sale of CBD and CBD products. Living Lotus CBD WILL NOT be held responsible for fees, losses, damages, court cases, fines, or imprisonment incurred by the sale of CBD products either sold to you by Living Lotus CBD or any of Living Lotus CBD’s other wholesale distributors or sales people. You are solely responsible for the management and upkeep with staying aware of current CBD laws and practices for your state, county, or city.


Unless you provide documentation proving the receipt of a current and authorized sales tax ID (sales and use tax) from the IRS, State Treasury, or Local County, you will be charged the aggregate tax for your state and county.


You MUST provide documents proving the incorporation of your business by providing an EIN (employment identification number). You may also wish to send a signed W-9 form as an alternative means of incorporation.

Customer Service

Should you have any questions on anything from the above, please call us or email us using the information listed on our contact page. We hope to do business with you soon!